Zinc Caps

For your body to perform well, it must be healthy. If your immune system and metabolism are strong, you have the basics for your body perfectly under control. Miller\'s Sports® Zinc Caps can provide strong support for your body. The ultra-powerful dose of 30mg zinc per capsule acts preventatively and makes you feel good.


Zinc Caps by Miller\'s Sports® scores points with the extremely high dosage of 30 mg zinc per capsule. The vital mineral zinc is considered to have multiple benefits – especially for athletes. During physical exercise the body loses minerals. The more you exercise, the more zinc you lose. Stay fit with Zinc -Zinc helps your body stays fit because it controls a range of metabolic processes such as fat, protein and carbohydrate burning. Zinc defends your body supporting your immune system as well as by aiding skin regeneration.

Important notice:Do not exceed the daily dosage of one capsule.

Package contents:130 capsules

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Zinc Caps