Whey Deluxe Protein

As a beauty basic, protein can achieve something great – for bodybuilders, endurance athletes and for all who want to stay slim and healthy. So give your muscles the protein power they need. Miller\'s Sports® Whey Deluxe Protein feels good, tastes good and has great results.


Whey Deluxe Protein by Miller\'s Sports® provides optimal satisfaction for the higher protein need of strength athletes. Thanks to the perfect interaction of the micro-filtered high quality whey protein components Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate, each 1,300 mg per dose of the extremely important free amino acid L-glutamine, our power powder is great for your muscles. The reason: The well-conceived mix of high quality whey components and amino acids provides for a fast digestion and a quick absorption of the ingredients into the muscular system. The result: The protein synthesis, in the anabolic phase after training, can be increased, and muscular mass can be built up strongly and visibly. In addition strength and performance can increase. A loss of muscle plus after working out can be effectively prevented.

Still thirsty for something tasty?

Whey Deluxe Protein by Miller's Sports® is available in three delicious tastes:
  • Bourbon vanilla
  • Strawberry cream
  • Chocolate
Important notice:

Package contents:500g

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Whey Deluxe Protein