Vitamin B-Complex

No time for weakness? More appetite for performance? Then treat yourself to full vitamin B-power – day by day. Because constant strong performance also leads your workout to success – visibly and perceptibly.


Vitamin-B-Complex-Capsules by Miller\'s Sports® combine a high dosage of B-vitamins in only one capsule. Athletes in particular appreciate this deluxe-vital-mix of coenzymes vitamins of the B-group which play an essential role in almost all functions of performance, metabolism and are able to prevent iron deficiency by supporting blood formation. Active in the metabolism of protein, fat, energy and carbohydrates vitamins B2, B3 and B6 form a powerful trio. Vitamins B12 and B5 come into effect providing stress release and strong nerves. Folic acid is vital to growth due to its active support of cell formation as well as preservation of the blood cell population. And a true winner-vitamin strongly completes the power-combi; vitamin B1 supports energy generation from food as well as the energy supply of neural cells.

Important notice:The daily dose of one capsule should not be exceeded.

Package contents:240 capsules

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Vitamin B-Complex