Strong Gainer

More and more people long to make the dream of a strong and powerful body come true but can\'t gain weight despite a sufficient intake of food. So treat yourself to a quick gain in weight, mass and muscle with the special extra dosage of carbohydrate – easy to prepare, extremely effective, super delicious. Geared for men and women who want to make more of themselves. Perfect for weight gain. Ideal for athletes who want to increase muscle and mass.


Strong Gainer by Miller\'s Sports® is more than just a weight gainer. Because the exceptional carbohydrate matrix-mix of fructose, maltodextrin and dextrose in the powerful winner-combination with high-quality whey protein-concentrate and lactoprotein grants the best results. More weight, more power and more performance: Thanks to the ideal mix of 60 % carbohydrates to 25 % proteins you will be able to gain weight, muscle and power – really easy, really strong.

Still thirsty for something tasty?

Strong Gainer by Miller's Sports® is available in three delicious tastes:
  • Bourbon vanilla
  • Strawberry cream
  • Chocolate
Important notice:

Package contents:900g

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Strong Gainer