Optimal quality. Full control.

With Miller's Sports® products you are always on the winning side. Since we exclusively produce high quality products in an optimal dosage - from the purchase of the ingredients to the packing. And in order that everything is OK from the inside and the outside, all our products pass through regular voluntary controls by accredited state-approved laboratories.


Anything but standard. Anything but usual.

You want the best for your body? Then you should only get the best! That's why we develop and produce all Miller's Sports® products on the highest level and according to the strictest principles. Always included: the highest possible availability of the agents as well as the maximum possible dosage according to legal directives. Always better: Our experienced food chemists always make really good efforts for full power and full control. You can be sure of: Our production facilities produce according to IFS (International Food Standards) and ISO.


What's in it is what the label says.

Our products have nothing to hide. That's why you can be sure: You get exactly what is expressly said on the label. No steroids, no doping substances. Therefore, also competitive athletes can confide in our products.


Maximal dosage. Maximal shelf life. Maximal power.

With our products, less is simply more. Since every shake, every capsule and every pill comes in top form. The highest possible dosage of the ingredients is more than only a principle, it's a must for our decision-makers. For this we give everything, from the production to the packing. Therefore, you always find the maximum dosage in every Miller's Sports® product and all that in the ideal packing. You swallow less and still you get more. Simply close the packing again and therefore, you can always rely on fresh and protected ingredients.