Creatin 100% Powder

Always ready for high impact training and mega bulk? Creatine powder from Miller\'s Sports® can achieve maximum results for muscle, endurance and performance. Ideal for performance athletes. Great for that added strength. Perfect in combination with high-carbohydrate drinks, e.g. grape juice.


Creatine powder by Miller\'s Sports® is a true multi-talent for bodybuilders who want more muscle and fat-free bulk. In order to replenish their energy source ATP, your muscles mainly use creatine. The daily extra-portion of creatine positively supports energy release in muscles and can lead to an increase in muscle strength, performance and endurance. As if that wasn\'t enough, creatine also has a positive effect on memory, concentration, mental performance and mental capacity – even in older people. With creatine, tired muscles get a wake up call. This is because creatine, as an energy source, can support muscle power retention right up to old age; it ensures quick recovery after training; and it temporarily reduces the effects of sleep deprivation.

Important notice:Do not exceed the daily dosage of one spoonful (3g).

Package contents:500g powder

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Creatin 100% Powder