BCAA Tablets

Before or after your workout: you want to see it, feel it: the intense power within you? Intensive? Explosive? Get ready for action with BCAA Tablets by Miller\'s Sports®. Tablets that help you bulk up – pro muscle and muscle depletion prevention thanks to the powerful anti catabolic formula and an unbelievable 1.500mg of 100% free amino acids.
BCAA tablets by Miller\'s Sports® contain the extreme strength of 1.500mg BCAA\'s, in a 100 percent free form. Only with an adequate supply of BCAA\'s L-leucin, L-isoleucine and L-valine, can muscle cells be produced in the body. By providing the foundation for a powerful body, BCAA\'s allow a stronger muscle buildup and regeneration while actively preventing muscle reduction – fully essential, fully specialized and the fast way to bulk up. In contrast to other amino acids, the so-called branched chain amino acids of BCAA\'s are absorbed directly by the muscular system. In order to compensate for power loss after working out, BCAA tablets by Miller\'s Sports® specifically counteract muscle reduction. Your body remains in balance and your muscles remain huge. Build Bulk. Full Power.
Important notice:Do not exceed daily recommended dosage of two tablets.

Package contents:90 tablets

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BCAA Tablets